How Video Calling Helped A Clinician Save A Life

Telehealth is a technology program that Cornerstone VNA has used since 1998 to promote patient self-management and to reduce avoidable readmissions.  Cornerstone VNA invested in new telehealth units in 2016, in partnership with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), in order to meet the demands and changes in the delivery of home health care services.  A powerful feature of telehealth is the ability for our Telehealth Coordinator, Anne Carle, RN, to video conference with patients at home.  Carle recently shared a great story about the benefits of Telehealth, which has been posted on the HRS Blog.  Click here to read Anne’s Story.

Due to the continued success of the Telehealth Program at Cornerstone VNA, Anne Carle, RN was recognized with the 2017 Telehealth Honors.  Click here to read more about Anne’s award.

About the Telehealth Program at Cornerstone VNA:

Cornerstone VNA is proud to partner with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) to provide Telehealth, which is a portable disease management system that is placed in a patient’s home to closely monitor chronic illnesses. The telehealth units are programmed and updated by a nurse to be specific according to the patient’s needs and doctor’s orders. Each patient receives training and support on using the system. Patient data is collected daily via the system, and other devices, and can include: blood pressure, pulse, pulse oximetry, blood sugars and weight. The unit may also include simple questions related to symptoms that the patient answers each day and clinicians can video call patients at home.

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