Home Care

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What is Home Care?

The Home Care program at Cornerstone VNA provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to people in need of healthcare at home. Home Care consists of Skilled Nursing, Licensed Nursing Assistants, Rehabilitation Services, Medical Social Workers and other specialized services.

Who is Eligible?

Cornerstone VNA is committed to bringing services to people of all ages so that families can stay together at home, even when facing the challenges of aging, surgical recovery, chronic or life-threatening illnesses or end of life care. We serve 35 communities in Southern New Hampshire and Maine.

Home Care Services

Who Pays for Home Care Services?*

Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance will usually pay for skilled services provided by a nurse or therapist through a HHA when ordered by a doctor. Be aware that insurance will probably not pay for all the care your family member will need.

  • A doctor confirms in writing that he or she has examined the patient within 30 days and that the patient needs skilled nursing care. Without this signed paper, the home care agency cannot “open the case” (begin treating your family member). The doctor signing this paper can be a hospitalist or community-based doctor who has seen your family member within the past 30 days.
  • The patient is homebound. This means it is very hard for him or her to leave the house. Your doctor medically restricts you to your home or you need assistive equipment to leave the home (walker, cane, wheelchair) or need supervision/help from another person and it is a taxing effort for you to normally leave the home (increased pain, difficulty breathing, more tired, etc.)
  • The patient needs only short-term or part-time skilled services. (*adapted from www.nextstepincare.org)

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