Cornerstone VNA Receives Grant from Hannaford Charitable Foundation for Innovative Telehealth Program

Cornerstone VNA recently received a $35,000 grant from the Hannaford Charitable Foundation to support the expansion of the organization’s sophisticated telehealth program for patients. hannaford-telehealthTelehealth is a technology program that Cornerstone VNA uses to promote patient self-management and to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions. The innovative telehealth software uses a wireless Samsung tablet to engage patients so they only receive the most pertinent information to them and their diagnosis.  The tablet also features a camera, which allows clinicians and patients to see as well as talk to one another to quickly address any care needs or concerns. The photo shows l-r, Rochester, NH Hannaford Store Managers Bill McGlincey and Jeff Goff, Cornerstone CEO, Julie Reynolds, RN, MS and Telehealth Clinical Coordinator, Anne Carle, RN.

According to Jennifer Gullison RN, MSN, COS-C, Clinical Director at Cornerstone VNA, “Cornerstone VNA is continuing its efforts to incorporate innovative approaches to providing highly rated home care to our patients. I am very pleased that Cornerstone VNA is able to offer this technology to our patients, which utilizes a sophisticated software program to help us closely monitor patients with chronic illnesses and demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative programs that improve the health of our community.”

Telehealth is more than a data collection device. The focus of telehealth is on changing patient behavior and ensuring compliance. Patients are provided with disease-specific tablets, customized with their medications, reminders, and educational content.  This technology helps to ensure that patients get the care they need in a timely manner, therefore preventing readmissions to the hospital.  Julie Reynolds, Chief Executive Office, RN, MS states; “In synergy with the mission of the Hannaford Charitable Foundation to promote the health of residents in our communities by focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles and improved care, Cornerstone VNA is most grateful for this critical technology funding to further our work in providing high quality patient care.”  Although telehealth is not currently reimbursed by health insurance, Cornerstone VNA strongly believes in this technology and is committed to providing this service to high risk patients at no charge.  Grant support from the Hannaford Charitable Foundation has been essential to the growth and continued success of the telehealth program.

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